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Content Terms

Mharaty's motto is "sharing what you know" and this reflects the fact that the platform is intended for creators to exchange knowledge, educate and enjoy their students. If you are wondering when teaching is home for your content, please refer to the instructions below.

As business partners for trainers who specialize in a range of content, our best is to ensure the best possible experience for members and students on our platform. As such, we have identified specific content that should not be provided in teaching (prohibited content).

Our content guidelines aim to provide additional information to trainers and institutions. This means that the type of content included in addition to the examples provided is not limited, and there are also non-included types. The content not included in the content instructions should not be interpreted as acceptable (even if it is most likely).

The prohibited content is reported that the content, lecture, class, or school will be suspended. If you find content that you think violates our content guidelines, please submit a report to [email protected]. Make sure to include the URL, course name or training where you have found banned content.

General conditions

away from any bias like and not limited (religion - race - politics - etc.)

stay away from violence

Avoid any sexual content

Away from suspicion

Away from weapons

Articles: The conditions of the search engines (SEO) and the correct linguistic audit in them must be observed, they must be not permanently copied, and if this is done, the source must be mentioned and take permission from the source and from my mharaty skills platform, the images inside the articles must be not copied or have the property rights of another person.

Products: The product must be of good quality, and the product must be displayed in detail and not misleading the wrong or missing data. The product provider on the platform is the first and last responsible for the product, from the defects, features, content, and shipping, if any, and the download if any, and delivery if any.

We strongly believe and support freedom of expression. We also believe that Mharaty should be safe, comprehensive and reflect our values as a company. This means that there are topics and content that we do not support, in addition to illegal issues or that violate our obligations towards our service providers.

The topics and content mentioned below are not permitted on the platform. Creators who offer prohibited content risk closing their own accounts, removing them, ending the account, and withdrawing their balances with or without prior notice.

mharaty do not customize any topics or content, including these topics not explicitly listed below.

Consent and permission in mharaty think it doesn't mean that. The request for permission is not just a political request, but rather the right thing to do. In some cases, approval is the line between the law and the illegal.

In mharaty, creators download media content like video, audio, photos, etc. If this is the case for your account,

Remember that you need permission to show someone in your photos or records. Ensuring that you have all the intellectual property rights and publicity to the public is a prerequisite for the content of the publication on the platform (see Providing personal information to users, intellectual property and terrorism that apply to your data). This includes avoiding the use of materials wherever individuals do not clearly realize that they are registered for any reason (such as a hidden recording device, etc.).

It is forbidden to teach content or encourage others to avoid or compel a person to consent or bypass him to photograph or present his content. Likewise, the content that was displayed without the approval or permission of its owner is prohibited. And provide proof of that completely.

It is prohibited to rely on deception to register students, regardless of reason.

As creative, you are surrounded by your knowledge and opinions in an honest and transparent manner. The lack of clarity of the lines between truth and opinion has repercussions outside your school.

The platform is prohibited from misleading content and sharing it with the intention of misleading, manipulating or deceiving. We have a policy of totally zero tolerance with these stages that may be harmful to the public

Examples: • Conspiracy theories • Denial of documented events

Spreading bad medical advice and discrimination: Simply be a good person. Respect for all people, regardless of their thoughts, beliefs, identity, and preferences, is a fundamental value for the teacher. We appreciate all.

Our platform is designed for everyone to share their knowledge with everyone. We cannot afford enough that hatred and discrimination have no room for the teacher. Includes hateful content or tampering such as:

• Emphasizes the inferiority of the individual or a group of individuals due to any feature or characteristics such as religion, color, race, etc.

• Promotes, celebrates or calls for the use of psychological or physical violence towards an individual or group of individuals

• Glorification and / or celebrate an individual or group that deals in harmful and dangerous reference or discrimination practices.

In mharaty we are committed to maintaining the safety of our creators and students. Mharaty's skills do not allow content that encourages, celebrates or encourages harmful or dangerous behavior or actions that may harm the physical or mental health of anyone.

In short, do not put your students or yourself in a dangerous and dangerous situation. Examples: • An educational program on how to build firearms, ammunition, or explosives • Glorification of self-harm • Harmful medical advice • Recommendation not to seek professional medical advice.

Explicit sexual materials that aim primarily to sexually stimulate the user on the platform. What we mean by "explicit sexual content" is a clear representation of sexual contact, foreplay, or any other sexual activity. Examples of banned content: • Videos primarily mean sexually provoking scenes

• The platform prohibits content that facilitates or helps in recruiting or promoting members.

. It prohibits content that provides or sells illegal products. Through the platform, we mean any item that can only be purchased under certain conditions (including but not limited to, medicine, age, etc.). Examples: • drugs • weapons • alcohol • currencies (such as coding) unrealistic and obscene promises We believe that setting clear and realistic expectations is good ethics.

It is forbidden to entice students to register in your class by promising a result that you will not be able to deliver continuously. Examples: • Miracle Treatments • You claim that the courses will make students rich overnight.

Violence We believe that violence and the natural result have no place for the teacher. The content that teaches, promotes, glorifies, celebrates, or depends on the use of violence as an acceptable end in itself is prohibited.

This includes the use of weapons, conventional or improvised. Weapons in teaching We appreciate that weapons can be used as a safe manager, and that knowledge around them can be relied upon in many societies.

The platform is prohibited from the content that shares weapons practices that may have a harmful effect, either unintentionally or intentionally, that harms public or personal safety.

Every person, such as students, trainers or institutions, is kindly requested to follow these instructions well and follow the rest of the instructions. Conditions.

Terms of use.

Privacy policy

The last update 4/10/2022

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